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Travel Changing Mat Hot Air Balloon Print


Still want to have a whale of a time, yet keep the practicality on the move? Then look no further than at Rainbow Watermelon’s gorgeous hot air balloon/whale print travel changing mat. 

They are super light, making them easy to transport for those on the move, whilst keeping the aesthetic appeal.

Designed with a slightly thicker foam, your little one will still feel comfortable and look the part during changing time.

The hot air balloon and whale design is a gorgeous unisex option for any little baby boy or baby girl. 


  • Measurements (when folded)- 34cm x 15cm x 4cm(D)
  • Measurement (when flat)- 60cm x 34cm x 1cm (D)
  • Waterproof – wipe clean easily with warm water only
  • Phthalate-free PVC Cover
  • Made in the UK