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Why and how to choose a personalised gift?

Why and how to choose a personalised gift?
Personalised gifts are special and unique, which create a lasting moment in someone’s life.


Why should I give a personalised gift?

Throughout the year there are many wonderful occasions such as birthdays, new baby, christenings, Christmas, as well as everyday clothing wear and so much more, where personalised gifts are the perfect option to mark these days.

If you are looking for something unique and timeless, personalised gifts can make the ultimate present for that someone special.

From our beautiful range of personalised blankets, to personalised loungewear and jackets and everything in between, we most definitely have you covered. Rainbow Watermelon are here to inspire you to find that personalised gift solution perfect for you.  

How to choose a personalised gift?

There are lots of traditions around certain occasions, which may differ from choosing everyday clothes. The first step is to check any Christmas lists, christening lists, new baby lists, birthday lists and more, to pick a particular item should there be a running list.

You do not need to spend an extraordinary amount of money to get something beautiful and high-end. You can go that extra mile by adding high end embroidery personalisation to make for an unforgettable gift at Rainbow Watermelon, where there is free personalisation across the website.

A personalised gift, whether a name, initial or image has been designed, is a timeless item that truly will be cherished. It demonstrates the thoughtfulness behind the gift, what is more special than that?

To choose a personalised item, think about the personality of the individual… Yes believe it or not, little ones have some brilliant personalities who really do make you giggle! Are there certain colours they like? Could it be a character? We know dinosaurs are very popular for all genders! If you are choosing a personalised item for a new baby think about the comfort a baby desires from warmth from a blanket and/or dressing gown, cuddles from a comforter and the cutest items of clothing that makes anyone’s hearts melt.

Personalised items are perfect for all genders, so personalising any unisex item with a name, memorable date and so on, will truly hit the mark.

Personalised gifts are truly unique and create special moments that will be forever memories. Shop yours now.

You’ve got this darling.

Rainbow Watermelon x