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What Baby Changing Mat is right for me?

What Baby Changing Mat is right for me?

As a new parent, the list of baby essentials tends to be a long one and working your way through the list without necessarily knowing all the facts can be quite daunting, especially if it is your first baby.  

Baby Changing Mats can vary in style and designs, so finding the right mat for you and your baby is always a priority, especially as a little one can have their nappy changed up to 12 times a day- yes, we said 12!

Changing Mat Considerations:

  • What design will suit your nursery?
  • Do you require more than one changing mat e.g. in different rooms, at an alternative house e.g. grandparent?
  • What changing mat would suit you when on the move or travelling from place to place? Is this travel changing mat compact enough to suit your needs?
  • Comfortable padding for your little one. Whilst they are changed multiple times on it, changing mats have also been known to be used for the baby to lay on (they can also be very comfortable).
  • Will my baby be secure in this?

USP’s to Changing Mats from Rainbow Watermelon:

  • Waterproof- wipe clean easily with warm water
  • Phthalate-free PVC Cover
  • Made in the UK
  • Exclusive designs – Rainbow Print, Dinosaur Print, Unisex Animal Print


Anti-Roll Changing Mat

Our Rainbow Watermelon Anti Roll changing mats are uniquely designed to create a gorgeous and loving addition to your nursery.

Anti-Roll mats, also known as Wedge Changing Mats have a thicker supportive, padded foam and high rising sides which allows your baby to feel that little bit more comfortable and that extra bit secure.

Check out our full range of Anti-Roll Changing Mats here.


Changing Mats

With our exclusive range of Changing Mats, we want to make nappy changes fun and enjoyable for all and alleviate the stress and anxiety that sometimes comes hand and hand with it.

Our Rainbow Watermelon Changing Mats are also filled with thick British foam and a slight raise to the sides, to ensure the baby is always comfortable.

The Changing Mats are super light and makes for an extra great addition to have lying around the house or at a family members home for ease.

Check out our full range of Changing Mats here.


Travel Changing Mats

Our Travel Changing Mats are a great way to still look stylish yet keeping the practicality on the move. They are compact, nicely packaged and extremely light, making these mats easy to transport for those on the move, whilst keeping the aesthetic appeal.

Designed with a slightly thicker foam, your little one will still feel comfortable and look the part during changing time.

Check out our full range of Travel Changing Mats here.


Happy Shopping and always get in contact should you want to discuss anything further, to ensure you get the right baby changing mats for you. 


Rainbow Watermelon x