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Top 5- Autumn/Winter Must Haves

Top 5- Autumn/Winter Must Haves

What a year 2020 has been for us all… We cannot believe we are saying this, but Summer is officially over (not the summer we all imagined however!).

Autumn/Winter is now here ladies, gentlemen and little ones… so let’s do this in style!

What Designs are Trending?

There are plenty of designs that we would expect to see this autumn, all that we love and adore. Expect to see floral prints, gorgeous jumpers and lots of knitwear. There are some key staple pieces for their wardrobe that can keep your little ones warm, whilst also remaining stylish and are versatile enough to produce more than one outfit! #costsaving

Check out our range of affordable children’s clothing of knitted jumpers, animal jumpers, bobble jumpers, 2/3 piece sets and more!

We have a Throwback Returner!!

There is THROWBACK RETURNER this autumn/winter, that is highly in demand… TIE DYE!

This autumn prepare to see and dress your little ones in tie dye prints, to include two-piece tracksuits and rompers. At RW we can also personalise these for free, so check it out here.

The hours of daylight and night-time in this season is the same, meaning that the weather tends to change constantly. One minute it is raining and windy, the next it is cooler. Autumn is the time to get outdoors and have some fun, so a variety of clothing essentials are required.

Denim Jacket

Can you guess it?! You’ve got it… THE DENIM JACKET. We must admit that money well spent is on a classic, staple piece of a denim jacket. It is perfect all year round for all weathers, never seems to go out of fashion and especially handy as you can layer up underneath it, if required.

They are also a great gift idea, perfect for friends, grandchildren, nephew, nieces etc.

There is a huge variety out there, which enables kids to demonstrate some of their personality.

Check out our gorgeous personalised range here.


We know autumn sees some rainy days, especially when moving into Winter, so don’t forget your hooded raincoats!! After all, we all want to be able to go outside to see the Rainbow after the storm…

It is a great time to look cute and keep your little ones dry and warm. Rainbow Watermelon Coats available here.

Faces + Heads need warmth too….. its HAT season after all!

Children’s faces, heads and ears are prone to feeling the cold, more than anywhere else in their body, so we cannot forget about keeping those warm.

A hat can also be the staple piece that glues the rest of the outfit together, so do not be afraid to go bold/loud with that cute bobble or two. However; it is always good to check any rules/regulations for clothing/accessories whilst attending nursery/school.

Don’t forget mama… who said mama can’t match our little ones? Surely, they are not too old to think that is “uncool” just yet?!

Check out a variety of Rainbow Watermelon bobble hats here, even with matching mama options.

Big Fashion for Little ones- enjoy darlings.

Rainbow Watermelon x