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Top 5 2021 Spring Baby/Kids Clothing Must Haves

Top 5 2021 Spring Baby/Kids Clothing Must Haves

2021, a new year, a fresh start and a new wardrobe filled with the most fashionable 2021 baby/kids trends.

What is Trending?

Whilst dressing up a mini fashionista, the main criteria is still in the first instance, comfort, practicality, and ease, when dressing a little one.

This year you will find that children’s clothing moves away from the generic “babyfied” stereotype and instead, moves towards a super stylish, adult like format.

Throwback Pieces

This Spring we see a number of items that remind us all of a 90’s throwback. Expect to see many items that bring the past back to the present, making them as bold as ever.

From over sized jumpers and retro prints to scalloped collars, expect to see the unexpected, comprising of softer, more modern shades.

Rainbow Watermelon features some classics that will have all kids looking like the next best fashionista in no time.

Our NASA inspired oversized jumper comes in beige and mint, featuring a retro Snoopy space print. For more details, check this oversized kids sweater here.

One for the girls… who does not love a Peter Pan scalloped collar? You are right, expect to see this detail spill over into a range of 2021 clothing items this season. Check out our personalised range here.



Denim remains a staple for the 2021 children’s wardrobe. Its retro vibes, yet modern feel seems to be a front winner year on year and an investment staple piece in to a little one’s wardrobe.

With a range of kids denim styles, you can expect to see frills, cool designs, personalisation and more.

Check out Rainbow Watermelon’s range of Unisex + Boys Denim Jackets here, Girls Denim Jackets here and Denim Rompers here.



Expect to see a range of prints this season, possessing mainly images of animals, geometric shapes and ribbed linings.

What you will see more of in kids fashion, is using these prints to dress up or down an outfit, making the leggings the staple piece.

Be unapologetically you and not afraid to go bold with baby leggings or kids leggings. Check out Rainbow Watermelon’s range of ribbed leggings, animal print leggings, geometric shape leggings here.


Towelling Loungewear

New in this season, following on from the loungewear/traksuit/home attire trend, features a new type of style- TOWELLING. Towelling loungewear is becoming ever so stylish and the top kids loungewear and baby loungewear.

With a range of colours available, 100% breathable cotton material, this trend is on to a winner and oh my, so cute. Watch closely as we forecast an adults towelling loungewear range coming soon in the near future.

Check out Rainbow Watermelon’s range of baby and children’s towelling personalised loungewear in dusty pink here and koala grey here.


Pastel Shades

Springtime will start to see an influx of pastel colours arising on both baby and children’s clothing. From soft pinks, to ocean blues, there will be something for everyone. After all, we all need a little bit of colour to brighten up the dull days!

At Rainbow Watermelon we have a range of personalised loungewear for both babies and children, as well as leggings, all that instil some pastel vibes. You can check out what is NEW here.

Whether a throwback item, personalised denim jacket or a new trend setter, each item is brought to you in 2021 with its own purpose. Each style and colour of clothing will each help a baby or child be fashion ready and be prepared for any occasion.

2021, let’s do this!

Rainbow Watermelon x