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Hospital Bag Essentials for your Newborn- Top Tips

Hospital Bag Essentials for your Newborn- Top Tips

Bringing a brand-new baby in to the world fills us with a wave of emotions, through excitement and joy, all the way through to anxieties and worry.

Being a new parent is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world and whilst there is no textbook to guide you through it, Rainbow Watermelon are here to support and guide you and your little ones through their new start to life.

A hospital bag you hear people say? What could we possibly need in that? It is possible for your little darling to arrive early, so it is wise getting your hospital bags packed during the 3rd trimester. Ahead of having your bundle of joy, irrespective of what number baby it may be, it can be a surprise at how many essential items both you and they need, and preparation is key in order to enjoy those special moments even more.

Hospital Bag for Baby

As soon as the baby is born, it is all about skin to skin contact and bonding with both parents. They will recognise your voice and possibly sounds that you may have played to them during pregnancy.

Whilst hospitals may provide blankets, it is worth bringing your own which can be enjoyed through skin to skin contact. The baby can also get used to and familiarise themselves with home and mummy/daddy smells. It can also come in handy when taking your baby home as the temperature in comparison to the womb, can be chilly.


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It is important that they also still maintain their body temperature and in order to do so, will need the following items:

  • A hat
  • A bodysuit
  • A sleepsuit
  • Mittens
  • A nappy (lots of these advised… a newborn can go through approximately 12 nappies a day!)

It is worth considering the time of year you are having your baby and the weather conditions that may transpire as they will need to be clothed in a going-home outfit. We are all guilty of wanting to take that “going-home selfie” so a few outfits are advised, as newborns are highly likely to go through multiple outfits.

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We Made it Home!

Once home, your little one will most definitely tell you what they want/need with lots of different cries! Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you are doing a bad job, they could be hungry/cold/tired/need their nappy changed/tummy aches/boredom/want affection. Sometimes a little soothing goes a long way. Babies like to be comforted; just in the same way at some point in life adults do too.

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Welcome to the world little one, your parents are doing amazing!


Rainbow Watermelon x